deHavilland Beaver Simulator

Beaver Cockpit Simulator

deHavilland Beaver DHC-2

Everyone has a beginning, mine began in 1964 my introduction to the Beaver and my first ride. Never forgot it. The sound of the P/W 985R Wasp 9 cylinder engine cough and sputtering to life with the smell of AV gas, you never forget. The beaver over the years took me to remote lakes as a fishing and hunting guide. In Sept. 2007 my daughters bought me the MS FSX for my birthday and purchasing the Saitek Aviator joy stick which had rudder control I was hooked. With the aid of the internet information I gathered from finding aviation bushflying sites to Ebay for purchasing the Saitek yoke rudder and switch control panel aswell as beaver mauals, the flight,parts and maintenance manuals to help me understand the enginering and mechanics of the deHavilland Beaver. So it began, to build a DHC-2 beaver Simulator.

My first beaver cockpit

In the summer of 2008 with material on hand and measurements gathered from a local outfitter"s aircraft C FGBF a 1952 beaver C/N 168. Began to piece together a close copy of a beaver cockpit.

  Joining and reading cockpit building forums I have yet to find someone who has taken on to build a beaver simulator. So I began a more realistic approach with working gauges switches and flight controls to interface with computer on a realistic scale.